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West Kessler Neighborhood Association is a 501(c)(3)

We hope that you will consider supporting the West Kessler Neighborhood Association during our fundraising campaigns.  Your donation, which is tax-deductible, benefits the neighborhood in the following ways:

Community Involvement

West Kessler Cares  |  West Kessler Native Arbor Initiative  |  Twelve Hills Nature Preserve 


Yard of the Month  |  Landscaping at Tenna Loma and Davis St.  |  Landscaping at the Entrance Marker on N. Oak Cliff Boulevard |  Landscaping and electricity in the Stevens Woods Ct. cul-de-sac  |  Flags for Patriotic Holidays  |  Candy Canes for Holiday Celebration

Oak Cliff Memberships and Support

Old Oak Cliff Conservation League  |  Oak Cliff Greenspace  |  Oak Cliff Mardi Gras Parade

Website, Directories, and other Publications

West Kessler Website  |  Neighborhood Directory  |  Video Production

Social Gatherings

Easter Egg Hunt  |  Mardi Gras Parade  |  Wine Down Happy Hour  |  Neighborhood Night Out  |  Spring Salad Supper  |  Summer Pool Party  |  Fall Festival  |  Holiday Progressive Dinner  |  Holiday Sphere Building 

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Fundraising Subscription Levels

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