Get Your House Ready for Fall with These 4 Tasks

With another change of season, it’s time to take a look at your home and yard and assess what must be done before the weather shifts. There’s always something to accomplish around the house, and making home maintenance a seasonal ritual keeps the household running smoothly season after season. As summer fades to fall, take advantage of the cooling temperatures to tackle these four essential tasks around the house and yard.

Gutter Cleaning

Fall leaves aren’t the only thing that clogs your gutters. Gutters can become filled with birds nests and seed pods throughout the spring, and summer storms can knock sticks, leaves, and more into your gutters. Clogged gutters can cause water to accumulate around the base of your home, leading to foundation damage, so it’s important to stay on top of this home maintenance task.

Homeowners can clean their own gutters with a ladder and a few hours’ time, but working on a ladder can be both uncomfortable and dangerous. Paying someone to clean your gutters and downspouts in Dallas costs anywhere from  $124 to $206 for about five hours of work.

Roof Inspection

In Dallas, late summer is the best time to take a close look the roof of your home. This time of year offers comfortable temperatures without the springtime winds, so you can safely ascend a ladder to inspect for missing, broken, curling, or cracking shingles. While you’re there, check flashings for damage. A small roof leak can quickly become an expensive home repair, so the best strategy is to catch issues before they become a problem.

If your roof is more than 10 years old, hire a contractor to perform a thorough roof inspection. Depending on the roofing material, age, and condition of the roof, a roof inspection can cost $139 to $447 and take up to 3 hours.

Lawn maintenance

After the hot, dry Dallas summer, your lawn needs a little TLC. Late summer and early fall is a good time to reseed cool-season grasses, fertilize, and remove any pesky weeds before they go to seed. If your lawn receives a lot of foot traffic, aerate your lawn before seeding and fertilizing to reduce compaction and promote more vigorous growth.

Repairing a patchy lawn is easy to accomplish on your own, but lawn aeration requires a spike or core aerator. This tool creates small holes in the soil that make it easier for air, water, and nutrients to reach plant roots. Homeowners can rent a lawn aerator for $60 to $75 for a four-hour rental, or pay a lawn care service $70 to $112 to handle the task in about an hour.

Check for Drafts

A drafty home can spike your utility bills over the fall and winter, so plan to check your house for drafts in the late summer before the heat comes on. Start by checking doors and windows, but don’t neglect the biggest culprits of a drafty house: attic hatches, plumbing vents, wiring holes, recessed lighting, and chimneys.

If your energy bills are climbing but you can’t find the cause, consider scheduling an energy audit for your home. During an energy audit, your home’s ductwork, insulation, and ventilation will be assessed to detect areas where energy is being wasted. Depending on the extent of the assessment, an energy audit can cost anywhere from $267 to $1,028.

While upkeep certainly comes with a cost, don’t let the price tag on these important home services scare you. By making home maintenance a part of your seasonal schedule, you’ll save thousands on expensive repairs over the life of your house.

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