Hello! Deluxe Car Wash and Townhomes

Community members,

Frank and I would like to extend our gratitude for attending the meeting on Wednesday evening regarding the proposed development of Hello! Deluxe Car Wash and Townhomes on 517 N. Tennant St.  We appreciate the feedback we received, both positive and negative, and can assure you that all comments are valued and appropriate actions and/or revisions to accommodate and address concerns will be taken.

Please see the attached and updated version of the slides presented at the meeting.  Feel free to share this information and post to neighborhood blogs such as Next-door so that accurate information regarding our project is available to anyone interested.

We briefly mentioned that after extensive review and scrutiny, we received unanimous approval the previous evening from the City of Garland and now have two other sites where construction should begin in the next 60 days.

Extensive research over the past two years has us feeling confident that the car wash industry has undergone a technological and cultural evolution that we strongly believe will positively impact the Oak Cliff communities.  Please let us know if you have any questions.

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