It’s time again to ask for annual dues.  As always, the dues for our neighborhood association are voluntary, and they are not required for membership.  You are a member of WKNA simply by owning property in our beautiful neighborhood.  

That being said, we hope that you will consider supporting WKNA in 2017.  Your donation, which is tax-deductible, benefits the neighborhood in the following ways:

Quarterly Neighborhood Social Gatherings:

  • Spring Salad Supper
  • Summer Pool Party
  • Fall Festival (with prizes for Chili/Pie cook-offs, pumpkin carvings, etc.)
  • Holiday Progressive Dinner and Walkabout


  • Landscaping at Tenna Loma and Davis St.
  • Landscaping at the Entrance Marker on N. Oak Cliff Boulevard (at the golf course)
  • Landscaping and electricity in the Stevens Woods Ct. cul de sac
  • Flags for Patriotic Holidays

Oak Cliff Associations, Membership and Support:

  • Old Oak Cliff Conservation League
  • Oak Cliff Green Space
  • Oak Cliff Mardi Gras Parade

Newsletters, Directories, and other Publications: 

The suggested donation is $75 per household and $125 for a family household, but any amount is greatly appreciated (and tax deductible).  Regardless of whether or not you donate, we hope to see you at our upcoming social activities.  Your presence is what makes West Kessler such an outstanding neighborhood!

How to Donate

Donate Online

Mail a Check

A check can be mailed to:
West Kessler Neighborhood Association
Attention: Jonathan Saxer
Post Office Box 225647
Dallas, Texas 75222