Welcome to West Kessler

About Our Association

West Kessler has one of the most active and organized neighborhood associations in the north Oak Cliff area and was established in the 1960s. Seasonal social events help residents of all ages and backgrounds foster new relationships. The association publishes a neighborhood directory; it holds monthly meetings, annual neighborhood yard sales, recognizes “yards of the month,” monitors code enforcement, and works on special projects. This fine organization, plus a beautiful development built on wooded bluffs, make West Kessler neighbors proud of where they call home.

West Kessler Map

West Kessler Neighborhood Association (WKNA) is comprised of four executive board members (President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary), ten committee chairs (Communications, Conservation, Beautification, Mardi Gras, Safety, Development Oversight, Block Captain, Social, Greenspace, and OOCCL), and twelve block captains. Elections for Board members are held every November (Board may serve consecutive 2-year term) and new officers begin their terms in January. WKNA proudly supports the Oak Cliff Chamber of Commerce.

Our meetings are always open and are held at rotating homes the third Wednesday of every month at 7:00 p.m., except December. General meetings are held twice a year, where we invite a guest speaker (e.g. City Councilman, Sanitation Services, Police Officers, Golf Course Staff, Developers, etc). Electronic invitations are sent prior to each meeting with details of the location.  Please sign up here to be included in electronic communications from the association. 

We hope to see you at one of our future social events. The social committee organizes a Neighborhood Night Out every second Tuesday of the month at a local restaurant and neighborhood parties that include the Spring Salad Supper, Easter Egg Hunt, Summer Pool Party, Fall Festival, and Holiday Progressive Dinner.

Executive Committee

  • Joseph Beckham
  • Teresa Harvey
  • Shawn Johnson
  • Jonathan Saxer

Committee Chairs

  • Shawn Johnson
  • Angie Mobley
  • Stuart Gill
  • Kent Frederick
  • Angie Mobley
  • Teresa Harvey
  • Stephanie Engwall
  • Earl Stewart
  • David Cooper
  • Leah Chandler
  • Kurt Johnson

Block Captains

  • Earl Stewart
  • Leah Chandler
  • Kari McDonald
  • David Cooper
  • Sue Hall
  • Ron Forwark
  • Earl Stewart
  • Joseph Beckham
  • Teresa Harvey
  • Martha Ingrum
  • Jacques Groth
  • Tammy McNary

Get to Know West Kessler

We absolutely love living in this area and as much as we hoped it would remain a secret, the word is out. Whether it is a cornucopia of unique period homes or the luster of the Bishop Arts District, the West Kessler area will be the foundation for your family to grow roots and make your house a home. We are a compassionate community that looks out for one another and provides opportunities to build lifelong friendships.


West Kessler is a neighborhood named for George E. Kessler in northern Oak Cliff, Dallas, Texas. West Kessler is between the Stevens Park Golf Course on the North Side, West Davis on the South, Hampton Road on the West and the Twelve Hills Nature Center to the East.

George Edward Kessler (July 16, 1862 – March 20, 1923) was a German American pioneer city planner and landscape architect. Over the course of his forty-one year career, George E. Kessler completed over 200 projects and prepared plans for 26 communities, 26 park and boulevard systems, 49 parks, 46 estates and residences, and 26 schools. His projects can be found in 23 states, 100 cities, in places as far flung as Shanghai, New York, and Mexico City.


West Kessler is home to approximately 150 households. The topography of our neighborhood has inspired some interesting homes over the years. The older developments have many late-1930s Tudor cottages, while later additions include Austin stone and brick houses in traditional and ranch styles. Of particular note are the Dilbeck-style split levels into the hillside adjacent to Hampton Road.

Common Questions

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Trash and recyclables are collected each Tuesday. The City of Dallas provides roll carts (grey for trash, blue for recyclables) that are placed curb-side for collection. The carts may be placed curb-side the evening before the collection day. You can request a blue roll cart by calling 3-1-1. There is no need to separate items—paper, plastic, metal and glass can all be placed in the blue roll cart.

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Brush and bulk trash is collected from the front curb during the week of the third Monday of each month.

Items should not be set out for pick up earlier than 7:00 A.M. on the Thursday preceding the collection week. Do not put out for brush collection, bagged grass clippings, new construction or remodeling materials such as lumber or roofing materials.

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To register to vote, you must complete and sign a voter registration card and return it to Registrar of Voters.

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Registered voters living in West Kessler are in Precinct 4434 and typically vote on Election Day at Rosemont Elementary School. Voters can also vote in advance of election day.

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You can protest any of the actions that the Appraisal District has taken on your property by contacting the Dallas Central Appraisal District at (214) 631-0910.

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The post office serving West Kessler is located at 515 Centre Road, just off of Interstate 30.

Methodist Dallas Medical Center is located at Beckley Ave. and Colorado Blvd.

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  • Water
  • Sanitation 
  • Natural Gas
  • You will need to select an electricity provider. The Texas Electric Choice Pilot Program helps consumers connect with the best provider for their needs. Click here for more information on companies offering electric service in Dallas.